In a hotly contested race Porterville Irrigation District Director Eric Borba¬†won the Chairmanship of the Friant Water Authority this morning. Although the FWA nominating committee had proposed a slate for new officers shouts of “We want Borba” echoed through the halls at the International Ag Expo building in Tulare. The first vote ended in a supposed tie. It was difficult to tell as some answered the voice vote with cat calls and those air horns often used at football games. The second vote had Borba ahead by one and that’s when General Manager Jason Phillips called the election in favor of Borba. Outgoing Chairman Kent Stephens was heard to say, “That’s what happens when you don’t show up to a meeting.”

Under new rules also adopted at this morning’s meeting all Officer terms will now be six years instead of the previous two year term. Borba was not available for comment.