A List of Water Related Acronyms – ALWRA



AB – Assembly Bill

ACE – Army Corps of Engineers

ACWA – Association of California Water Agencies

AEWSD or Arvin – Arvin Edison Water Storage District

a/f – acre feet, some engineering resources use a-f



BBID – Byron Bethany Irrigation District

BLM – Bureau of Land Management

BVWSD – Buena Vista Water Storage District



CCC – Columbia Canal Company

CCID – Central California Irrigation District

CEO – Chief Executive Officer

CEQA – California Environmental Quality Act

cfs – cubic feet per second

CF&W – California Fish & Wildlife

CID – Consolidated Irrigation District

CVC – Cross Valley Canal

CVP – Central Valley Project

CVRWQCB – Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board

CVS or CV Salts – Central Valley Salts

CWC – California Water Commission

CWD – Chowchilla Water District, Cawelo Water District

CWF – California Water Fix



DEID – Delano Earlimart Irrigation District

DMC – Delta Mendota Canal

DWR – Department of Water Resources



E&O – Errors & Omissions; sometimes O&E insurance

EC – Electro Conductivity

EKGSA – East Kaweah Groundwater Sustainability Area

EPA – Environmental Protection Agency, Environmental Protection Act

ET – Evapotranspiration

Ex Con – San Joaquin River Exchange Contractors Water Authority



FCWD – Firebaugh Canal Water District

FFA – Family Farm Alliance, Future Farmers of America

FID – Fresno Irrigation District

FKC – Friant Kern Canal

FOG – Friant Operations Guidelines

FSU – Fresno State University

FWA – Friant Water Authority



GFID – Gravely Ford Irrigation District

GKGSA – Greater Kaweah Groundwater Sustainability Area

GM – General Manager

GSA – Groundwater Sustainability Area, Groundwater Sustainability Agency

GSP – Groundwater Sustainability Plan



HR – House of Representatives Bill

HSR – High Speed Rail



ID – Irrigation District

ID3 – Improvement District Three

ID4 – Improvement District Four



JDA – Joint Defense Agreement

JID – James Irrigation District

JPA – Joint Powers Authority

JPIA – Joint Powers Insurance Authority



KBWQA – Kaweah Basin Water Quality Association

KCWA – Kern County Water Agency

KDWD – Kern Delta Water District

KGA – Kern Groundwater Association

KRGSA – Kern River Groundwater Sustainability Agency

KTWD – Kern Tulare Water District

KWBA – Kern Water Bank Authority or

KWB – Kern Water Bank



LAFCo – Local Agency Formation Commission

LTRID – Lower Tule River Irrigation District



M&I – Municipal & Industrial

MPG – Mendota Pool Group

MET or MWD – Metropolitan Water District of Southern California

MID – Madera Irrigation District, Merced Irrigation District, Modesto Irrigation District

MOA – Memorandum Of Agreement

MOU – Memorandum Of Understanding

MPSA – Master Professional Services Agreement



NASA – National Aeronautics & Space Administration

NCWA – Northern California Water Agencies

NEPA – National Environmental Protection Act

NFKGSA – North Fork Kings Groundwater Sustainability Agency

NKGSA – North Kings Groundwater Sustainability Agency

NKWSD – North Kern Water Storage District

NMFS – National Marine Fishery Service

NOAA – National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration

NRDC – Natural Resource Defense Council



O&M – Operations & Maintenance

OHV – Off Highway Vehicle



PID – Pixley Irrigation District or Porterville Irrigation District

PPIC – Pacific Policy Institute of California

PSP – Proposed Solicitation Package



RFP – Request For Proposal

RRBWSD or Rosedale – Rosedale Rio Bravo Water Storage District

RWQCB or Regional Board – Regional Water Quality Control Board



SB – Senate Bill

SCVWD – Santa Clara Valley Water District

SGMA – Sustainable Groundwater Management Act of 2014

SID – Saucelito Irrigation District

SJR – San Joaquin River

SJRECWA – San Joaquin River Exchange Contractors Water Authority

SJRRP – San Joaquin River Restoration Program

SLCC – San Luis Canal Company

SLDMWA – San Luis Delta Mendota Water Authority

SSJMUD – South San Joaquin Municipal Utility District

STWSD –  Semitropic Water Storage District

SVWA – South Valley Water Association

SWID – Shafter Wasco Irrigation District

SWP – State Water Project

SWRCB or State Board – State Water Resources Control Board



TAC – Technical Advisory Committee

TBID – Terra Bella Irrigation District

TID – Tulare Irrigation District, Tranquillity Irrigation District, Turlock Irrigation District

TIE – Technology, Innovation, Evaluation part of FSU’s WET Center



USACE – United State Army Corps of Engineers

USBR – United States Bureau of Reclamation

USDA – United States Department of Agriculture

USFS – United States Forestry Service

USFWS – United States Fish & Wildlife Service

USJRBSI – Upper San Joaquin River Basin Storage Investigation



WD – Water District

WCD – Water Conservation District

WET Center – Water Energy Technology Center, part of FSU’s Blue Valley Tech Program

WKWD – West Kern Water District

WRMWSD – Wheeler Ridge Maricopa Water Storage District

WSD – Water Storage District

WSIP – Water Storage Investment Program

WWD – Westlands Water District



X2 – X2 salt barrier in the Delta






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