On Thursday May 30th WaterWrights.net along with the Tulare County Farm Bureau and the WET Center at Fresno State hosted the Second SGMA Survival Toolkit at the Veterans Memorial Building in Exeter. We expected 100 people and close to 200 showed up to hear two panels of experts discuss the issue of what a farmer can be doing now to prepare for the possibility of restricted groundwater pumping under the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act of 2014’s regulatory scope. WaterWrights.net wants to thank everyone for their help and support in attending this event. In particular Stacey Beachy of Gar Tootelian for the incredible BBQ beef sandwiches, Geoff Vandenheuvel of the California Milk Producers Council for the regular and chocolate milk to go with my mom Martha Wilson’s 300 homemade cookies and the pistachios donated by our friend Richard Matoian of the American Pistachio Growers. Tricia Blattler of the TCFB’s help and guidance was crucial and we thank her for the help. Other sponsors included; Willitts Pumps, Technoflo, Parjana Inc, Kaweah Pump, Pumpsight, Exeter Irrigation, Ranch Systems, Aegis Groundwater, US Water Wells and Redtrac.