Praying For Rain

The Bible says it rains on the just and unjust alike. By some estimates, depending on translation, water is mentioned 722 times in the Bible. Water is important! So important that one only has to wait for the second verse in the entire Bible (Genesis 1:2) for water to be mentioned.


Israel shares some of California’s climate and weather patterns. Rain and snow melt are very big deals. As the wet seasons in the San Joaquin Valley region pass, believers often gather for prayers and supplications to the Lord for rain and snow. If you know of any such gatherings, please share this information with us. Also, if you have a testimony or prayer request, please share as well.


Faith & Community

Commandment Five: Honor thy Father and Mother

What is a life well lived? See two answers below. All of us at send our condolences, prayers and love to the Camp family. DONALD MAX CAMP SR. July 29, 1925 - November 12, 2019  Farmer, Businessman, Innovator and Beloved Family Man.  A joint funeral...

Praying for Water Decisions

Pray for the men and women who make decisions about our water supplies. Pray they be wise enough to search for God’s will and humble enough to obey it.

Prayer Requests

Dear Reader: If you believe God is the creator and sustainer of all things and He talks a personal interest in us as individuals; then it follows He would come to earth as a man and live with us to make a path for us from this fallen world to God the Father. Jesus did...