Hello and welcome to WaterWrights. We’re here to help farmers secure their water supply so they can grow the food and fiber we all need. Agriculture is California’s top industry and water is its most precious resource. There’s always something in the news about water in California but very little reporting takes place at the intersection of public and private transfer – the water or irrigation district that makes all of this possible.

We intend this site to be a portal into what is perhaps the last functional form of government in a Byzantine regulatory climate that pursues with faith the doctrine that government is the solution even when there is no problem. This functional form of government is the special district.

While some would have you believe “Big Ag” is a rapacious coven of cigar chomping, whiskey swilling good old boys making back room deals that lay waste to the environment while swindling the taxpayer – reality paints a much different picture. There are all sizes of farms growing an unmatched multitude of crops that do as much as anything to raise our standard of living and help feed the world with the safest, most highly regulated food supply in history. It all depends on water.

As you explore this site keep in mind we want you to be a part of it. There are opportunities for you to share your opinions and they don’t have to echo our own. However, there is a good chance our wives, mothers and daughters may read this site so no cursing or other inappropriate language will be allowed. You don’t have to be nice but you do have to be kind.

A note about the reports:

  • I have no editor and type as fast as I can that’s why you’ll see sentences that resemble George Carlin’s, “Hand me that piano.”
  • I use journalist math. That should speak for itself.
  • A quote is only a quote when it is in quotation marks and attributed.
  • I’m usually typing a paragraph behind what’s being said so I rely on my readers to help.
  • I ALWAYS welcome comments, suggestions, questions and corrections.

Well, there you have it. God bless and thanks for reading.

Don A. Wright
Clovis, CA


When I need current data about what’s happening in California water, I open Don’s newsletters …accurate and timely (plus a little humor in a ‘dry’ topic). Real data sorted by water district and topic – exactly what we need. No more searching all the districts’ websites – it is all in one place.

Greg Allen

VP & Partner, Redtrac

Being new to the water industry, having access to a resource such as waterwrights.net is invaluable.

Mia Swenson

Friant Water Authority

Water in California is complex.  Don is one of a very few people trying to make it less complex. Don’s efforts help us all stay better informed, and better connected.

Christopher S. Johnson, PG, CHg

Principal Hydrogeologist, Aegis Groundwater Consulting, LLC

I find the water reports that Don distributes to be very helpful and informative.  Not all of us can attend all of the water meetings in the Valley, but Don can and he does an excellent job of sharing insights and key facts with brevity, candor and good humor.  These reports allow the reader to get a better overall view of the entire Central Valley water landscape which is extremely helpful when you work in water policy.

Mike Villines

Former Assemblyman and Business Owner, Villines Group, LLC.

WaterWrights.net gives me current updates on issues in different water areas from meetings that I couldn’t attend due to conflicting schedules.

Tom Barcellos

Grower, Tulare County

Stay water bright with Don Wright.

Aldo Sansoni

Exchange Contractor & Grower

Don gives it to you straight and timely. He understands the “undertow” and he properly interprets board and staff actions in context so you can understand what is going on. In the water business changes can happen quickly and Don’s information is essential.

John Vidovich

Grower, Kern County

The reports from Don and his team are not the typical generic meeting notes. They capture the broader flavor of the discussion and often include interesting details that round out a more personal touch.

Dan Vink

Executive Director, South Valley Water Association

I appreciate the immediate window into the many water district board meetings in the Valley, all with a light touch!

Garth Hall

Deputy Operating Officer, Santa Clara Valley Water District

For years I’ve wanted to get around to many different water district meetings to stay informed, but always fell short on time. Don at Waterwrights.net has given me that time back.

Greg Wegis

Kern County Grower

I really appreciate Don’ s commitment to attend meetings across the region and share this valued information with all those concerned about our water future.

Steven Worthley

Tulare County Supervisor

Don’s WaterWrights report is an email I never delete.  His informative reports written in a colloquial style are always a must read to keep abreast of what’s happening in the water world. And it is always a pleasure to see him at a meeting.  Thank you Don for all the driving and reporting.

Dan Raytis

McMurtrey, Hartsock & Worth

Don’s timely summaries of board meetings provide a quick glimpse of what’s happening up and down the valley on water issues.

Dale K. Melville, PE

Provost & Pritchard Consulting Group

Getting the word out about all the developments in California water is a mighty task. Having Don covering meetings at so many water organizations provides a very valuable service to the community. Information on water issues is critical and Don’s reports are greatly needed and appreciated.

Beth Brookhart Pandol

Executive Director, Water Association of Kern County