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Run Your Farm or Ranch as a Cash Business (Eventually) October 13, 2021

By Shawn Pike, Rights to Water Engineering I was a bureaucrat for 30 years, then retired and started a small engineering business. What did I know about business? Very little....

Smiles Save Lives October 4, 2021

By Paige Gilligan In my May 2021 article, I mentioned that “Whiskey’s for drinking…water’s for fighting!” However, everyone and (most) everything needs water to survive....

Water Rights – Why Do They Exist? Which Kinds Are There?

By Shawn Pike, Rights to Water Engineering Why is there such a thing as water rights? Water is something everyone needs. Except maybe W.C. Fields;...

WellJet   August 19, 2021

By Jackie Taylor Have you heard of WellJet yet? If you haven’t, you are missing out on an incredibly important resource for your wells. I...

The Saturn Disc Float

Controlling Evaporation Losses From Your Irrigation Water Storage Ponds We spoke with Len Donovan, founder of Phoenix Plastics about on-farm evaporation loss. Donovan is the...

You Have A Right to Water July 27, 2021

By Jackie Taylor Have you ever been stumped by a problem you just can’t solve? Well wonder no more! Meet Shawn Pike, one of WaterWright’s...

Are There Monsters Under Your Bed?

By Paige Gilligan, Risk Mitigators & Advisors We are coming up on the Fourth of July holiday in the United States. A time when most...

Collaboration Climbs that Mountain May 18, 2021

By Paige Gilligan As a follow-up to last month’s article Balancing Support for Water, I wanted to take a deeper dive into “collaboration”. However, instead...

An Open Letter from a Concerned Farmer May 11, 2021

Note: This is not a WaterWrights.net report and it doesn't necessarily represent the views of WaterWrights.net or its clients. However, the author is California...

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