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The World Wide Web is a great big place with all manner of sites to see and often regret seeing. But here are a few sites we think you’ll find informative and worthwhile. If you know of other sites worthy of attention please let us know and perhaps they can be included.

Chris Austin, better known as Maven and rumored to need no more than three hours sleep per night, provides up to the minute water news from around California.

You want to know when common sense breaks out? In the editorials present by FPV. Long time KMJ Radio newsman John Broeske tells the side of the story ignored by the media.

Advocating for California’s farmers CFWC provides a clipping service of ag water stories from around the state as well as response to the often outrageous and inaccurate portrayals of agricultural in the news.

As at least one local elected official has learned the hard way if you live in the most productive agricultural area on earth your job is dependent on the economic output of ag. Find out why by visiting their website.

With veteran award-winning journalist Patrick Cavanaugh at the helm, their news team works to sample and share every point of view in the evolving discussion of what agriculture means to California.

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