General Manager

Company: Kaweah Delta Water Conservation District

Job Summary

Kaweah Delta Water Conservation District (the “District”) is a public agency serving portions of Tulare and Kings County located within the Kaweah Basin. The District’s purpose is to conserve and store water from the Kaweah River and the underground waters of the Kaweah River Basin. To accomplish this, the District investigates and monitors the water resources and demands of the Basin, and manages those resources through collaboration with other local agencies. The District coordinates water usage to ensure residents have reliable and adequate water supply while preventing diminution of natural water flow or of overflow.

The District has existed since 1927, and consists of four different departments: the Engineering Department, Administration Department, River Operations Department, and the Field Operations Department.

The General Manager will oversee a total of 18 to 24 employees from all four Departments. The General Manager is essential to ensuring coordination and communication between the Departments within the District. Due to his/her/their interactions with the operations of various Departments, the General Manager carries out an important role of advisor to the Board of Directors, making recommendations on multiple topics, including District community programs, District policies, budget requests, and administrative and personnel procedures. The General Manager is also responsible for overseeing employee affairs and the financial actions of the District, such as applying to grants and administering received grant funds.

Qualifications:Applicants must have a degree from a four-year college or university and four to six years of related experience or training. Applicants must possess a valid California Class C Diver’s License. The successful Applicant must demonstrate an ability to understand complex scientific, technical, and mathematical information, and to communicate such information clearly both orally and in writing. The successful Applicant must be proficient with statistical software and able to create reports on data collected. the successful Applicant must show an ability to properly manage employees, by facilitating efficiency and growth, providing regular performance feedback, maintain confidentiality, and encourage a healthy work environment.

Application Information:This is an in-person position.This position comes with a full benefits package.Apply by March 15, 2023To apply, send a resume to:Aubrey 733-5770

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General Manager – Kaweah Delta Water Conservation District

Position Type: Other
City: Farmersville
State: CA
Employment Type: Full Time
Phone: (559) 733-5770