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Dear Reader:

If you believe God is the creator and sustainer of all things and He talks a personal interest in us as individuals; then it follows He would come to earth as a man and live with us to make a path for us from this fallen world to God the Father. Jesus did just that. Jesus also taught us to pray. To open ourselves to communicate with Him. There is no end to the topics one can pray about; giving thanks for witnessing a beautiful sunset or finding your car keys when you’re in a hurry or getting home safe after that near miss on the freeway. There are also prayers for help. Help to pass a test at school or find a job or when that icy fist of fear grabs you by the guts when you learn a loved one has a serious disease. Prayers are no joke. The Bible tells us the Holy Spirit translates our prayers for us and the prayers of the believer are like sweet perfume to the Lord.

I’ve attended thousands of ag water related meetings over the years. I’ve met lots of other Christians and I hope they do a better job of praying for God’s will to be done in these meetings than I do. One reason I especially appreciate the Friant Water Authority is we open with prayer. And not just a vague request to the universe to make us feel warm and fuzzy about ourselves; but a prayer to the Creator of the universe for wisdom.

The invocation at Friant is an example of public prayer. There is also the private prayer. We all have needs and it isn’t wise to shout them out at large for just anyone to sift through. They can be sensitive matters; health concerns, addictions, relationships. But for fellow believers the prayer request is a powerful tool. It’s a comfort to know others are willing to help carry your burden and present it to the Lord. God knows our needs before we ask and He sets into motion His will which – and this can be the difficult part – is perfect for us. Whether we like or dislike or even understand the answers to our prayers we can hold fast to the promise God is with us.

I, like you, know of people who have needs right now. They don’t have to be stated for God already knows. Take a moment and ask God for His mercy and grace on these needs. And if you see me around at these meetings remind me to ask a silent prayer for God’s wisdom to guide the decision being made and what I write. Thanks, Don.

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