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Revolutionizing Irrigation Technology for the 21st Century, June 7, 2023



By Hotspot Ag

Irrigation is the lifeblood of agriculture, ensuring the growth and prosperity of crops. However, the challenges faced by water managers, large growers, and municipalities have been significant—until now. HotSpot AG has emerged as a pioneer in irrigation management tools, offering innovative solutions that address the complexities of water budgeting and management.

Picture this: it’s 2013 on a Thursday during the growing season, and irrigation and fertility meetings are in full swing. These meetings required hours of preparation to collect and input handwritten logs of the hours for each field per day as well as preparation for the flow meter readings. It also took a great deal of time to take pressure bomb measurements, as it was important to know the plant’s stem water potential.

Although these meetings were scheduled for one hour, they generally extended well past the one-hour mark as information became evident as to why the irrigation schedule wasn’t met.

Several explanations included:

“This pump is now pumping sand, and the capacity has dropped off.”

“There’s a system design issue where we can only irrigate those two fields together.”

“We can’t put that amount of water on because of Time-Of-Use.”

“Do you want to go into overtime to keep water on that field?”

These comments and questions were all valid. However, from a management level, it was overwhelming to figure out how to manage varying water supplies and adjust irrigation schedules per the trees’ needs.

As stated before, this was a major problem posed in 2013. This caused enough of a challenge that a Central Valley family farm decided to find solutions for their water budgeting and management challenges. Development of innovative hardware and software products soon began, and through many trials, HotSpot AG was founded. Fast forward to 2023, HotSpot AG has successfully developed and refined state-of-the-art irrigation management tools that are specifically designed to meet the evolving needs of the modern-day 21st-century farm, revolutionizing the way water is utilized and maximizing the potential for sustainable agricultural practices.

About HotSpot AG

HotSpot AG is an irrigation technology company dedicated to helping growers, water districts, municipalities, and educational institutions throughout California efficiently utilize water resources. With our innovative hardware and software solutions, we are reshaping the future of irrigation management, empowering farmers and water managers to achieve sustainability and productivity like never before.

Track: Real-Time Insights at Your Fingertips

Want to know if a well is pumping sand or beginning to fail? Data is collected through sensors and existing meters in the field. Critical field and equipment information can be viewed real-time and tracked via a web interface on your computer, tablet or mobile device. Gain comprehensive insights into your irrigation practices, enabling you to make informed decisions that optimize water usage and crop health.

Control: Optimize Equipment Performance Remotely

Have trouble managing pressure and flow to certain blocks? With HotSpot AG’s technology, you can have real-time feedback on your equipment’s performance, ensuring that it operates within proper thresholds. Enhance your existing equipment and prolong a pump’s lifespan by adjusting pressure settings remotely through integration with your Variable Frequency Drive (VFD). Experience unprecedented control and convenience, allowing you to fine-tune your irrigation system for optimal efficiency through your computer, phone or tablet.

Schedule: Effortless Irrigation Planning and Execution

Tired of juggling complex schedules and Time-Of-Use restrictions? HotSpot AG has you covered. With the ability to collect data and control equipment simultaneously, you can generate customized irrigation schedules based on your preferences. Whether you want to optimize water usage outside of peak energy hours or align with specific crop needs, HotSpot AG’s technology automates the execution of your irrigation plans. Say goodbye to manual adjustments and hello to seamless, efficient scheduling.

What Others Have to say About HotSpot AG

Don’t just take our word for it! Here are a couple of testimonials that detail the effectiveness and value of HotSpot AG’s technology:

“HotSpot Ag is an automation and monitoring system developed by a farmer for farmers. The system gives you key pieces of information that are useful to you as a grower to help you make informed decisions that affect your bottom line.” Charlie Abee, Ag Irrigation Professor at College of the Sequoias.

“With the scheduler, our irrigators, electricity and water usage is much more efficient. Being able to monitor our total system remotely, gives me and our employees more time to focus on other ranch needs. I feel more comfortable now that our fields are receiving the water they need. We are able to keep closer eyes on our wells, reservoirs, surface water, in field weather, in field moisture content, wind machines and a big bonus has been helping with our water accounting through remotely monitoring our water meters.” Blake Mauritson, Partner at ANB Ranches

The Future for HotSpot AG

At HotSpot AG, we are constantly expanding our offerings to meet the evolving needs of farmers and industries. Our latest breakthrough is the variable rate fertigation injection system. This feature completely upscales nutrient management by enabling precise scheduling of irrigation and fertigation with varying injection rates based on crop needs, fertilizer type and soil type.

Winter also brought about a stark realization of the challenges in stormwater management for municipalities. Our advanced technology enables municipalities to evade crisis situations by monitoring canal levels in real time and redirecting stormwater away from populated areas where it can be used for groundwater recharge. With HotSpot AG, you can proactively manage water levels, prevent flooding, and optimize the performance of your stormwater infrastructure.

Now imagine having complete control of your irrigation and frost protection system from a single, intuitive dashboard. With HotSpot AG, this becomes a reality! Our integrated solution empowers vineyard and citrus growers to efficiently manage both irrigation and frost protection, minimizing the risk of crop damage during frost events. By leveraging our advanced technology, you can monitor weather conditions, precisely schedule irrigation events, automate frost protection, and safeguard your valuable crops—all in one centralized platform.

At HotSpot AG, our unwavering dedication to innovation drives our vision for the future. We are committed to meeting the ever-changing demands of farmers, municipalities, water districts, and more. By creating groundbreaking solutions that boost productivity, enhance efficiency and foster sustainability in the industry, HotSpot AG is transforming lives in ways that’s never been done before.

Schedule a Demo Today

Witness the benefits of HotSpot AG’s irrigation management tools for yourself and join the growing community of farmers and water professionals who are embracing the future of irrigation. Click below to schedule your demo today and learn what it means to see your farm in a new light! Click here for more information.

Thank you and we look forward to meeting you soon!


James Nichols


HotSpot AG


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