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Disinfect Water Now NSF Certified November 19, 2018

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Disinfect Water is excited to announce it is bringing a new cutting-edge disinfectant and sanitizer to the food industry in California. As the access to water decreases and the dangers for recalls increase, a new, easier, cost effective method for protecting food safety is needed. Disinfect Water’s NSF (National Sanitary Foundation) certified liquid disinfectant is the solution you have been looking for.

This simple to use liquid works in a manner similar to ozone without the costly start-up costs and can be applied as easily as chlorine without the dangerous disinfect by-products. All you need to improve your water and food safety is a place to store the container with the liquid, a metering pump for adding the product to the water source, and an ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) meter to measure ORP levels to ensure maximum effectiveness.

We started in the water treatment and waste-water-treatment industries where we have consistently improved water quality taste, odor, color, safety and more.

This liquid disinfectant from Disinfect Water is shown to have an effective kill rate of 99.9% against salmonella, e-coli and listeria; three of the biggest causes of recalls in the food industry. Most pathogens thrive because they can hide in biofilm which forms on the food and equipment. We effectively remove the biofilm no longer giving the pathogens a place to live and thrive. Since this disinfectant is a liquid, it can be applied at any stage of the food production cycle from water for the crops, to post harvest washes, hydrocoolers, etc.; anywhere water is being used in the processing system; from ice creation and in store shelf wash.

The results using this new liquid disinfectant are as diverse as the possible applications. For example, by adding this product to the irrigation system in a Florida orange grove, we were able to effectively rid the entire grove of Citrus Canker and save the entire grove. Or by adding this product to the water at the bin cleaning facility we were able to save the company $32,000 a week in costs while increasing the safety to the workers.

The product even increases the safety of water coming from fracking by helping to separate more oil from the fracking water meaning better, safer, cleaner water is being put back into the reclamation wells. In one example, when added to a stripper well in Texas, we were able to increase the barrel per day (BBD) production from 2 BBD to 40 BBD by addressing the problems with paraffin, permeability and pressure. We were also able to increase the BTUs of a natural gas well allowing the farmer to be able to once again use the gas as an infield fuel source.

To learn more about the science you can download more information at or just give us a call at 925-267-7897.

Sean Adams