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Candidate’s Questionnaire, Congressional District 20

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Mike Boudreaux CD 20 2024

By Don A. Wright

Sheriff Mike Boudreaux is the 30th Sheriff of Tulare County, President of the California State Sheriffs’ Association who has spent his entire 37-year career in law enforcement, with the last decade as the elected Sheriff. He is running for the 20th Congressional District.

Question One – Who do you fear more, God or man? Why?

I fear God. I’m a lifelong Christian who stands in absolute awe of the Creator. As Sheriff, I face the worst of the worst of men. Their acts, while unspeakable, are sadly not unfathomable.  The full wrath and power of God, however, is often beyond comprehension. So, too, is his capacity for compassion.

2 – What does liberty mean to you? What does freedom mean to you?

Freedom is the limitless horizon of possibility, void of the strictures of tyranny or despotism. Liberty is the fundamental power of the individual to be the master of their destiny and exercise his or her free will to reach their fullest potential

3 – What are the boundaries of the governmental sphere?

It’s the social contract. In our nation, we are bound together by the Constitution, a document designed to simultaneously provide a framework of governance and contain the coercive power of government from restricting the individual of his or her liberty.

I firmly believe that, in our free society, we set the boundaries of government by our democratic process to adjust and refine the social contract.

4 – Is the constitution a living document? Should the original intent be changed?

While the Constitution is certainly a living document – as evidenced by its various amendments – I do believe that laws should be administered within the confines of text itself, as advocated by Justice Antonin Scalia.

5 – What is an inalienable right? What is a government granted privilege?

Most fundamentally, I believe that life is a fundamental, inalienable right and should be protected. I also believe that maximizing individual liberty is an inalienable right that allows every person to live a fruitful, productive, and fulfilled life. Similarly, I believe the defense of life and liberty are inalienable.


6 – Does the Endangered Species Act need revision? If so, what do you propose?

The ESA – along with NEPA – require intense revision to properly account for the often rapid changes in the state of endangered species, particularly where government intervention has exceeded its mandate and is in direct and intense conflict with the life and enjoyment of human populations. This is doubly important when ESA actions interfere with national security imperatives like a stable domestic food supply.

7 – Should the federal government work to increase surface water supplies to the Central Valley?

Yes. The Federal government should explore all options to increase surface water supplies including:

  • Restoring Trump administration biological opinions for the Central Valley Project
  • Appropriating funds for a raise of Shasta Dam
  • Matching funds to expedite and complete Sites Reservoir
  • Amend NEPA to reduce thresholds for water storage and surface delivery projects
  • Support all of the above with the full weight of the Department of Justice to counter legal warfare by radical environmentalist groups.

8 – How important is water policy to your platform? What are your water policy priorities/ how do you propose to solve California’s water crisis?

Water is the lifeblood of our San Joaquin Valley. Aside from protecting the security and safety of every resident and strengthening our border, it is the utmost Valley-centric issue I intend on addressing in Congress.

My solution to the state’s water crisis begins with my answer to #7. From there, California must eliminate its first-flush approach to mass precipitation events, assisting to retain more water for clean drinking water, farms, and Valley communities.

Additionally, we must make a real commitment to unlocking water bond funds to improve groundwater recharge on the Valley floor rather than leaving them in the hands of Sacramento bureaucrats.

Lastly, we must also get serious about seeking the use of alternative technologies, including desalination, to aid heavily urbanized populations in California meet their water needs.

9 – What are your infrastructure priorities?

Along with improving water storage and surface deliveries, I’m committed to defunding the high-speed rail boondoggle and bringing as many Federal dollars to the Valley floor to end Highway 99’s reputation as a “highway of death” and help it reach interstate capacity and grading to become I-9.

Note from the Editor: sent out the same questionnaire as above to all the congressional candidates that we were aware of running to represent seats in the San Joaquin Valley. Sheriff Boudreaux was the only one from Congressional District 20 to respond. We thank him for his willingness to engage with us.

A few weeks ago I started receiving mail from a Political Action Committee calling itself the Central Valley Values PAC. The literature listed a Clovis, California return address that winds up being a rented PO Box. The Federal Election Commission states its address as a PO Box in Las Vegas, Nevada. It’s also worth noting this PAC does not disclose individual donors and it registered with the FEC January 17, 2024. Too late to have to file further information before the March 5th primary vote. FEC listed two other PACs as having donated $250,000 each – one in Virginia and one in Bakersfield, as funding the Central Valley Values PAC.

I have received five or six high quality mailers from the Central Valley Values PAC representing Sheriff Boudreaux as an extreme liberal who agrees with releasing illegal immigrants from custody into our society.

I’ve seen a lot of lies in political campaigning, we all have. But I’ve never seen anything like this for a local race. Now I’m receiving mailers from the Central Valley Values PAC in support of candidate Vince Fong. Of course, there is the disclaimer these mailers are not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.

According to the Central Valley Values PAC has spent $644,028 as of March 2nd. Of that $99,900 has been spent against a Democrat candidates and $373,682 for a Republican candidate. It has also spent $170,446 against a Republican candidates. All of the $373,682 went to support Republican candidate Vince Fong. The $99,900 went to oppose Democrat Marisa Wood.

The remaining $170,446 was spent by the Central Valley Values PAC on dishonest hit pieces against Republican Sheriff Mike Boudreaux.

I also had to remove a 4’x8’ Fong for Congress sign from my fence that was attached there without permission.

I’ve met Vince Fong and have had discussions with him. He’s a polite man and comes across as a conservative. I know Mike Boudreaux better partly because of his central location to Congressional District 20, the district I live and am registered to vote in. I know Boudreaux to be an honest, conservative man – not at all what the Central Values Valley PAC is trying to present.

Whether Fong intends this or not his campaign and supporting PAC are not displaying the values I believe this Valley to hold. Values like honesty, respect for others and a willingness to engage on policy and not just slogans.

A campaign takes on the character of the candidate. Fong’s campaign indicated they’d respond to the questionnaire. Haven’t heard from them after repeated tries. They are disrespecting private property and the situation with the Central Valley Values PAC is down in the dirt and not worthy of principled men and women. Fong may not be aware of any of this. But what does that say about his ability to lead?

Some knowledgeable men (who don’t live in the district) told me they think Fong will be more effective due to his close ties to former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy. That is pragmatism as the highest calling. I have to ask, more effective at what? Playing a broken political game to keep entrenched power in place? I would have liked to have seen Fong’s answers to the questionnaire. That could have cleared up some things.

It disturbs me to see Fong’s supporters take the low road as the first move in the campaign. I’m going to do something I’ve avoided in this publication until now. In case you haven’t guessed I’m endorsing Mike Boudreaux for Congress and welcome you to join me.

Don Wright, Publisher

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