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Easter Praying for Rain April 2, 2021

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By Don Wright

April’s here already and you don’t need me to tell you that. In fact as I write this it is Good Friday which means of course, Easter is this Sunday. Also, I’m writing this from Louisiana due to a family emergency and would appreciate your prayers.

Despite coming from a long line of farmers I’m not so good at growing plants. But to make up for that I get to work around some of the very best farmers on earth and they’re generous with advice. I’ve often received counsel to plant my garden before Easter yet somehow ever year Easter sneaks’ up on me with my garden plot unprepared. Same this year. April also means tax time although I understand one of the few good moves by the government is to extend the deadline to May due to the virus. Good for them. I’ve been successfully doing my own taxes for years with but a few minor hiccups. I do, however, wait until the last possible moment to dig in and get it finished because without deadlines (except for garden deadlines evidently) I wouldn’t get much accomplished. Scratch a journalist find a procrastinator. Also, is it me or is the latest California tax form one of the most confusing documents ever created by government?

So here’s Easter again in a couple of days. Last night would have been the night when Jesus was taken from the Garden of Gethsemane to stand before the Sanhedrin. He was then taken to Pontius Pilate who asked one of the greatest questions of all time, “Quid est veritas?”, what is truth? Well, we know the truth will set us free. Right now there is a shortage of truth. Men want to claim they’re women and compete in sports against actual women. That’s got to be one of the biggest, steaming piles of nonsense I’ve seen in my life. Another one is calling someone a racist who believes the content of character is more important than skin color. Every now and then a generation comes along that believes they have a handle on the truth hidden from previous generations. Such a bunch is trying to take over right now – pulling down statues and calling riots with burning buildings a mostly peaceful protest. They are trying to make truth fit their desires instead of tempering their desires to abide by the truth. That’s as old as the dust and been tried many times before. Truth will set you free and lies will enslave you.

The first two chapters of Romans explains this behavior. Left to themselves people begin to worship creation instead of the Creator and will do so until their thoughts are so warped as to spread harm everywhere. There’s only one cure for that mindset and it doesn’t come from humans.

In the late 1970s, early 1980s there were some Australian rock bands that found international success. ACDC was probably the most famous but there was another band named The Angels that had some hits. I hadn’t heard them in years but one of their songs “After the Rain” came on the radio the other day. Part of the chorus is, “After the rain Somebody save me The water’s rising Sweet Jesus take the blame”. At first I thought that a bit on the sacrilegious side. On further thought I realized whether they meant to or not that phrase kind of sums up the cruxafiction and Easter.

We refer to the shedding of blood and Jesus’ death as the sacrifice that atones us for our sins and allows us an unmerited and graceful entry to God’s everlasting kingdom – propitiation if you want a fancy theological term. The resurrection is Christ leading the way for us to have hope of our own resurrection. He conquered death and will do so for us.

Standing naked before God the creator of all things, the ultimate power and reality – the truth itself – you bet I’ll be crying “Sweet Jesus take the blame!”

There’s another song with a similar worded lyric, “Jesus take the wheel.” Jesus take the wheel – Jesus become Lord of my life. But before I surrendered all to Him, before Jesus was my Lord He was my savior – Jesus take the blame. He was my savior before I even knew I needed one. He’s also the savior of those confused about the truth trying to reorder our society on lies. They need to be stood up to with love but they need our prayers too.

Thank you for reading this. Have a blessed Easter everyone.

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