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Calendar of Events

Calendar of Events
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Tule River Basin IRWM 2:00


East Kaweah GSA 10:00

Glenn Colusa Irrigation District 9:00

Tri-County Water Authority 1:00

East Tule River GSA 2:00


Kern Ground Water Authority 3:30 Cancelled

Kaweah Delta Water Conservation District 9:00

Turlock Irrigation District 9:00

Yuba Water Agency 9:00

Kern Delta Water District 12:00

Kern Water Bank Authority 3:00

Wheeler Ridge Water Storage 9:00

Tea Pot Dome Water District 9:00

Terra Bella Irrigation District 9:00

Vandalia Water District 10:30

Semitropic Water Storage District 12:30

Pixley Irrigation District 9:00

Cawelo Water District 9:00

Saucelito Irrigation District 9:30

Alta Irrigation District 9:30

San Luis Delta Mendota Water Authority 9:30

Exchange Contractors 9:00

Friant Division Manger’s Group Meeting 10:00

North Kings GSA 1:30


Friant Water Authority 9:00

Root Creek Water District 11:00

Greater Kaweah GSA 1:00

Alpaugh ID/GSA 1:00

Rosedale Rio Bravo Water Storage District 8:30

Lower Tule River Irrigation District 9:00

Tulare Irrigation District 9:00

Porterville Irrigation District 9:00

Madera County GSA 10:00

Tranquillity Irrigation District 8:30

Shafter-Wasco Irrigation District 9:00

California Water Commission 9:30 Prop 1

SGMA Technical Committee 2:00

McMullin Area GSA 2:00

Columbia Canal Company 8:00

Glenn Colusa Irrigation District 9:00

East Tule River GSA 2:00

Kings River East GSA 2:00

South Fork Kings GSA 5:30


Friant Water Authority 1:30

East Kaweah GSA 4:00

Westlands Water District 8:00

Firebaugh Canal Water District 9:00

Yuba Water Authority 9:00

Kern Delta Water District 12:00

Fresno Irrigation District 4:00

Central California Irrigation District 8:00

Kern Ground Water Authority 8:00

Tri-County Water Authority 10:00

North Fork Kings GSA 5:30

San Luis Canal Company 8:00

Friant Water Authority 9:00

Kern County Water Agency 11:00

Kern Delta Water Association/ID 12:00

North Kings GSA 6:00 pm


Tule River Basin IRWM 2:00

East Kaweah GSA 3:00

WAKC Webinar with Tim Quinn noon

Pixley Groundwater Planning Comm. 2:00

Lower Tule Groundwater Planning Comm. 2:00

Santa Clara Valley Water District 6:00 pm

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New Yorker magazine has a calendar section that lists shows at nightclubs. It’s disclaimer, “Nightclub owners, promoters and entertainers live complex lives. It’s a good idea to call ahead,” could well be adopted for this calendar. We make every effort to provide the most accurate schedule possible but still – water entity boards, management and consultants live complex lives. It’s a good idea to call ahead.


A must-see documentary for all U.S. citizens: