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Free Digital Water Map, Water & Irrigation Districts and GSAs Jan 18, 2019

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If you’re like me you’ve been frustrated with the lack of a map showing clear, concise boundaries of districts and GSAs. Be frustrated no more. DAW understands water is at the forefront of everyone’s mind and want to let you know about the FREE Digital California Water Map provided by AQUAOSO and Cal ASFMRA. This free map allows you to easily locate your properties and to stay current about California water issues!

Check back regularly as AQUAOSO will continually add useful water information to the free map. Today you can view water information by county, water district, GSA, and groundwater basin priority levels. While the current data in the map is public information, this is the first free digital water map with this information compiled together in one easy to use location.

If you are actively looking at water risk in California, we encourage you to learn more about the broader AQUAOSO research and portfolio tools available, which include access to more than 25 public and private datasets, including parcel level information, water district deliveries, crop types, soil, and more.”


Cameron Burford

Co-founder, Head of Growth