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Gov & Gov elect send letter to State Board November 7, 2018

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The following is a letter sent to Chairwoman Felicia Marcus by Governor Jerry Brown and Lt. Governor/Governor Elect Gavin Newsom requesting the State Board hold off its vote to take more water from the Valley by increasing flows through the Delta. It’s interesting what can happen when San Francisco’s water supplies are threatened.

Chairwoman Felicia Marcus

State Water Resources Control Board

1001 I Street

Sacramento, CA 95814

Dear Chairwoman Marcus:


The Board is scheduled to take action tomorrow on a proposal to amend the Bay Delta Water Quality Control Plan, including changes to the minimum flow standards for the Lower San Joaquin River.

We respectfully request a postponement of this item until December 12, 2018.

For many months, state agencies, water districts and others have been working hard to achieve voluntary agreements that would meet the requirements of the amendment set for adoption. Significantly, these agreements would obligate water rights holders to improve stream flows and restore habitat.

A short extension will allow these negotiations to progress and could result in a faster, less contentious and more durable outcome. Voluntary agreements are preferable to a lengthy administrative process and the inevitable ensuing lawsuits. During this time, we pledge to actively and meaningfully engage to bring this vital matter to a successful closure.

We agree that the need to improve our aquatic ecosystems is urgent. A lasting and well-thought-out solutions will benefit all Californians and our environment.

Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr.                     Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom

cc: Vice Chair Steven Moore, Board Member Tam M. Doduc, Board member Dorene D’Adamo and Board Member Joaquin Esquivel