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Grasslands Basin Authority General Manager Wanted May 2020

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Grassland Basin Authority

Job Description

Position Title:    General Manager

Reports To:        The Board of Directors

Salary:                $90,000 per year, negotiable, depending upon qualifications.

Pay Status:         Exempt


The Grassland Basin Authority (GBA) is a public agency formed under California law to manage drainage, and other related activities, in the Grassland Basin Drainage Area, which is situated in western Merced and Fresno counties.  The GBA currently has seven member agencies:  Camp 13 Drainage District, Charleston Drainage District, Firebaugh Canal Water District, Pacheco Water District, Panoche Drainage District, Panoche Water District, and San Luis Water District and a five-member Board of Directors.  The GBA is a new entity and its ultimate size and mission remain uncertain; however, its initial focus will be on the operation and maintenance of the San Joaquin River Water Quality Improvement Project (RIP).  The RIP utilizes sub-surface drainage and stormwater to irrigate approximately 7,000 acres of land.  The primary crop grown on the RIP is Jose Tall Wheat Grass but there is also currently almost 300 acres of pistachios.  We estimate these initial efforts will require a staff of 10 to 15 people.  The ideal candidate will have experience managing a public agency, administering field operations and maintenance of water conveyance facilities, and knowledge of state/federal grant administration.


  1. Under the direction of the GBA Board of Directors, the General Manager is the chief administrative officer of the GBA. The manager shall serve at the pleasure of the Board of Directors, and shall be responsible to the Board for the proper and efficient administration of the GBA as is or as may be placed in his or her charge pursuant to the provisions of the GBA Joint Powers Agreement or any direction of the Board.  Subject to any limitation imposed by the Board, the General Manager shall have the power to:
  2. Plan, organize, administer, oversee, and direct all GBA activities under policy direction of the Board and consistent with Board approved budgets.
  3. Appoint and remove all GBA employees, all of whom shall serve pursuant to such terms and conditions as may be established by the Board or General Manager, as appropriate, except as is otherwise provided by law or the Joint Powers Agreement.
  4. Authorize expenditures within the designations and limitations established by the Board, including those of the approved Budget and procurement policy.
  5. Oversee and administer all contracts, including grants, entered into by the Grassland Basin Authority.
  6. Make recommendations and requests of the Board concerning all of the matters and things which are to be performed, done or carried out by said Board.

Contact  Aaron Barcellos      

or German Rodriguez