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    Water Resource Specialist

    Six-33 Solutions LLC
    Company: Six-33 Solutions LLC
    Position: Professional
    City: Visalia
    State: CA
    Employment Type: Full Time
    Phone: (559) 931-0633


    Who We Want

    Six-33 Solutions is looking for a Water Resource Specialist who thrives in a team setting and brings a drive to engage in dynamic ideas and projects. Key to the position will be working with the firm’s Principal Partner in supporting the water resource needs of our clients. The Water Resource Specialist will also engage with the broader team to lead and support in our other resource project areas. We are a small and busy team, get used to grabbing a shovel where needed.

    Big Picture

    As Water Resource Specialist your large screen world will include a few key things that we need you to be good at.

    • Pulling together and drafting feasibility reports, water budgets, SGMA planning, permitting and other land and water use needs for our clients.
    • Leading on specifically assigned projects including oversight of other team members, subcontractors and vendors.
    • Work with the Principal Partner in the direct support to clients on their specific water resource needs
    • Developing and communicating project plans to team members, clients, project funders and other stakeholders.
    • Taking responsibility. This is hands on. You will roll up your sleeves and make sure projects in your portfolio get done. Whatever that takes.

    A Day in the Life

    You will never have two days that look the same, but here are a few things you might expect on any given day:

    • Project team meetings with clients and partners, somewhere close to a conference room or the tailgate of a pickup truck
    • Put on some boots and walk through a field with someone from just about anywhere
    • Prepare technical reporting for internal and external review
    • Jump into an impromptu whiteboard session (coffee is usually involved)
    • Helping to pull together a grant or project budget
    • Work really hard pulling together water and land use data

    Who We Are

    We are a small firm that places a huge emphasis on the importance of team and having great chemistry between the group of us working together. Our focus is water and land use projects, and all stops in between those two points.

    We Really Need This

    • Someone who writes well, communicates clearly, is motivated to learn and plays well with others
    • Ability to pull together water budgets, modeling and forecasting using Excel and other relevant tools
    • At least a few years’ experience working in natural resources, planning, water management, community development or farmland management.
    • A basic understanding of the California water system, rules and players
    • Bachelors or more in environmental science, engineering, natural resources, ag, water management or something close to it
    • Proven problem-solving skills, coalition building and a history of working with diverse stakeholder groups.
    • Experience in all things project related, finding the opportunities and writing proposals

    This Would Be a Bonus

    • Detailed understanding of the basic mechanics, rules and policies of California water (spoiler alert: There is no rhyme or pattern to any of it)
    • Ability to work in GIS and even create CAD files or any real-world mapping skills
    • Understand the complex world of CEQA and NEPA
    • Skill set needed to develop and lead our client interface platform (email, news items etc.)

    You Even Get Paid

    Salary: $75,000 range based on qualifications and experience. Open to discussion also depending on what you are bringing to the team.

    Benefits: As a small firm, we provide a benefit allowance that’s yours for whatever. Starting at $750 per month with an increase to $1,000 after 12 months.

    Location: Our main office is in Visalia. We would love to have you there but will consider remote locations that are in a reasonable proximity so we can spend time together in person regularly.

    Flexibility: This is a full-time position, and we spend time together, but we focus on output, not punching a clock. We also understand that life happens outside of work, so we have space for when remote makes sense or that something just happened that day.

    Other: You will become more valuable to our team as you grow professionally. To help you with that, after 18 months, you can get up to $2,000 annually for education and training.

    We take holidays off (of course) and make sure our team finds time to get away and recharge their personal batteries. As long as you work hard and get things done, we don’t really keep track of the rest.

    Please send resumes and cover letters to: Office@Six33solutions.com

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