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United Water Community Key to Answering Bills on Water Rights, May 26, 2023

By Dave Eggerton, Executive Director of the Association of California Water Agencies (ACWA) This first appeared in Voices On Water If enacted, water rights legislation pending in the Legislature could...

The Hundred Mile Circle, May 8, 2023

By The Harrison Company Intro by Don A. Wright Recently I had the pleasure of meeting Bill Harrison, founder and managing partner of the...

Grocery Mergers? Not So Good January 16, 2023

By Don A. Wright On Thursday, January 12th Western Growers’ Kara Timmins had a piece in the organization’s newsletter about a part of agriculture not...

San Joaquin Valley at a Crossroads January 10, 2023

By Scott Hamilton. This article first appeared in Valley Ag Voice and appreciates the permission to reprint. The San Joaquin Valley, its people,...

Merry Christmas

From all of us at WaterWrights - may you and your family have a blessed, peaceful Christmas.

Madera County Farmers Won’t Pay $246 per Acre, For Now December...

By Taisto Smith On September 13, 2022 the Valley Groundwater Coalition, led by president and longtime Madera County landowner Ralph Pistoresi, represented by law firm...

Our Food Supply at Risk December 1, 2022

Publisher’s note: We often hear how growing certain crops is a waste of water. There are calls from the enviro and other “communities” to...

An Alternative to Worrying About The Tragedy of the Commons November 28, 2022

By Paul H. Betancourt For over forty years environmental policy has been driven by the idea of the Tragedy of the Commons. In 1968 UC...

Welcome Paul Betancourt November 23, 2022

Hello everyone. We here at are proud to introduce to you our newest opinion editorial writer, Paul Betancourt. In our opinion Paul is...

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