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Treating Water Right: How Irrigation Tech Can Ensure California’s Agricultural Future

By Chris Thomas California, and the Central Valley in particular, has always tread an intricate dance between water supply and demand. Now with threats coming from all sides, we face...

A Smart Alternative: Agreements to Support Healthy Rivers & Landscape  February 13, 2024

By Jennifer Pierre and Tom McCarthy The Central Valley, and Kern County specifically, is a cornerstone of California’s thriving economy. One of the top oil...

Farm Bureau Responds To State Board February 1, 2024

By Dusty Ference, Executive Director Kings County Farm Bureau On November 8, 2023, the State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) held a public information...

They Don’t Even Clean Out the Flood Control Channels January 29, 2024

By Paul H. Betancourt KE I was in San Diego on January 22nd when their thousand-year storm hit. As my train pulled out of the...

California’s Water Future January 4, 2024

By Charlie Carner The good news is, California has plenty of water. So those who think we’re in a “Mega-Drought!” and “Running Out of Water!!”...

Revitalizing California’s Water Landscape with Sensible Infrastructure Projects

By Cannon Michael Water is the lifeblood of California, and the state has always faced unique challenges in managing its precious water resources. In recent...

California’s Water Future, November 29, 2023

By Charles Carner At WellJet® (US Patent No. 8,312,930B1), we use our proprietary high-pressure hydro jetting technology to increase flow, improve efficiency, shrink the carbon...

Yay for Bad Government! Unless… November 27, 2023

By Thomas Buckley Editor’s Note: Thomas Buckley is a former Mayor of Lake Elsinore California and contributing author to The Point. Author’s Note - while the...

Hidden Issues: Wells, Groundwater & Flooding July 25, 2023

By Chris Johnson Snow fell in the mountains last fall and this spring, like it has not fallen in many years. So much has fallen...

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