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Video of nasty things in a well.

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Chris Johnson PG CHg, Hydrogeologist and owner of Aegis Groundwater Consulting shows in a video produced by Madera Pumps why good well maintenance is worth it. 

The video is a bit cloudy, lots of debris raining down on the camera. However, stick with it, and you will see yet another example of what were starting to think is some kind of mineral and biological combination of encrustation. This may be the third unique “sighting” of this tubular structure in a well, all three of them in relatively different locations in the valley. In this case, this video captures just one of several sightings in this well, each at different depths. We picked this one mostly because of water clarity, and less debris cascading down to obscure the view. Of note, is that these seem to be rather fragile, as on the return trip up and out with the camera, an enormous amount of debris is generated, suggesting that the centering/stabilizing bands are knocking this material loose from the inside of the casing. Video courtesy of Madera Pumps in Madera California.