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Western Power Products March 31, 2021



Western Power Products, Inc. began providing engines to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and packaging power units for agricultural, industrial, and irrigation applications in California over 40 years ago. They are now the Factory Authorized Engine Distributor for John Deere, Yanmar, and Doosan throughout a 13-state territory with full-service facilities in Bakersfield and Woodland, CA.

With today’s engines growing in complexity with new technologies integrated into field-proven power solutions, OEMs, full-service irrigation companies, and end users are relying more and more on the technical service of their engine supplier.


Western Power Products is committed to providing power solutions. They supply anything from bare engines and components to complete drop-in power units in a wide variety of horsepower ranges. They not only offer John Deere, Yanmar and Doosan diesel engines, parts and components, but also Ford gaseous engines for those applications requiring an alternative to diesel. Each of their powerpacks are created with functionality, service, longevity, and cost in mind. Check out  WESTERN POWER PRODUCTS SHOWROOM


The engineering and technical staff at Western Power Products work with their customers as a partner, throughout the development and production process, to provide quality products that will serve their customer’s needs for years to come.

Using the latest 3D CAD software data acquisition test equipment, they design and integrate all sub-systems of the power package from cooling systems to controls. It has been done for powering new equipment, repowering old equipment, standby generators, agricultural equipment, street sweepers, and they can do it for you.

Whether Western Power Products modify their standard design configuration or engineer a complete custom solution, they will help you bring your product idea to a finished state.  All units are assembled and packaged for delivery on-site in the production facility located in Bakersfield, CA. Every engine that leaves their facility is tested prior to delivery to verify that all integrated components are programmed and communicating as it should.

Their irrigation power packages deliver dependable irrigation power, high performance, and world-class fuel economy in hot dusty field conditions. They are available on skids or trailers for ease of mobility.

Engine packages:

  • Meet the needs of your application
  • Remain durable and reliable in the toughest conditions
  • Meet all current EPA and CARB emissions regulations.

If you need a power solution for your piece of equipment, Western Power Products is here to help.


Whether you have a new engine or one that has been working for years, Western Power Products is here to keep you up and running. Service and support are their top priorities. They work closely with service dealers throughout their territory as well as have their own team of service technicians.

Western Power Products, Inc. strives to be recognized as the best value complete engine power unit supplier in the Western United States.


Their commitment to clean air does not end with offering best-in-class EPA certified, fuel efficient engines. It extends to helping OEMs and end-users access information that will assist them in understanding and complying with regulations applicable to their business. Whether you are looking to replace an engine for your irrigation application or repower a machine that falls short of emissions regulations, they are here to help.


The Carl Moyer Program, a partnership between CARB and California’s 35 air districts, provides grant funding for cleaner-than-required engines, equipment, and other sources of air pollution.

Step 1: Find your air district

Step 2: Know your equipment and basic information

  • Type – How it operates
  • Engine – Model year, tier level, horsepower, and hours used per year

Step 3: Learn about the right project for you

Step 4: Contact your local air district

Step 5: Check projects available for funding and review important eligibility criteria. Some air districts currently have funding. Check back frequently for available funding in your area.

Contact Western Power Products:

INFO@WPPINC.COM or 661-397-9155. Visit their website WWW.WPPINC.COM

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